Aimee’s Journey to Recovery


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This is a heart-felt story that has had its shares of up’s and down’s for young Aimee, but no matter what the circumstances, Aimee has never lost her hope on one day becoming an entertainer. Aimee, who is Autistic and Intellectually Disabled, has a cyst on her pineal and a tumor on her brain stem. Aimee’s medical condition causes her great pain and makes it difficult for her to live day-to-day normally, but every-day she displays the strength of faith that some of us can only wish to have. Her positive outlook on life is so contagious that you wouldn’t think this precious young girl has a serious medical condition.  Not to mention, her delightful smile (which lights up a room) would make anyone proud to call her their own daughter.  Another heath-felt moment for Aimee, just recently happened on 01/23/13,   Aimee underwent surgery to relieve the swelling in her brain but, unfortunately, was readmitted back into the children’s hospital to undergo another surgery due to an infection that had developed in her brain. That’s why BAFOL, wants to do everything in its power to give this family all the love, support, and humanitarian contributions necessary to assure the betterment of Aimee’s health.  It’s going to take donations from kind-hearted strangers, LIKE YOU, to make this possible. The act of kindness given to BAFOL, will be reinvested in assisting families like Aimee’s who so deserve a chance to live a stress free life..  BAFOL has been working with this family to ensure that they have housing, utilities, food, transportation, and physician services.  We have seen how the quality of life can be transformed in a blink of an eye…when sincere help is given.  Look at Aimee now.

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