BAFOL’s continued success can only be reached with your generosity for individuals living day-to-day with Autism Spectrum Disorders.


BAFOL children and Ms. Gonzalez after the 2013 GalaBAFOL is an organization, dedicated to providing low-income children/teens/adults with Autism and their families access to the services and activities which will dramatically increase their quality of life and improve their ability to overcome the challenges of Autism.  We understand that parents are struggling to make ends meet and want to secure the proper assistance for their loved ones.  We want to transform a disability into a possibility and turn the economical disadvantages into success stories.

BAFOL provides some programs and other services free of charge to low-income children and families – to do so, we rely on the generosity of donors: corporations, foundations, and individuals in our community – people just like YOU who want to make a difference in the life of a loved one with Autism.


A Message From the Grants–

“We wholeheartedly support the leadership position that Mrs. Jasmine Booker has courageously taken on in the awareness of Autism.  We ourselves have friends and family members who have been champions in dealing with the life altering challenges of having a child or loved one who has been diagnosed with Autism.  We encourage you to join us, Jasmine, and the countless number of Autistic children and adults in making a world-wide change for a cause that has been neglected much too long.  The lack of compassion in our society should never outweigh the amount of love we have for our fellow man.  It’s never too late to make a difference.”


$31 — Holistic Vitamins/supplements (1 bottle): Helps provide lacking nutrients.

$300 — Two Hours total (combined) of ABA & Speech Therapy

$200 — Helmet: Protects a child from head banging, a typical self-injurious behavior.

$300 — Special GFCF (gluten-free, casein-free) diet (gift card): Natural diet can alleviate some of the Autism symptoms.

$1000 — Special needs summer camp (family of 4), for seven days: To teach a child how to socialize and make friends.  This will play into forming long lasting communication skills, friendships, and self worth.

$3000-$5000 — Intensive behavioral therapy (for one year): Can teach a child to stop self-injurious behavior.


THE FORGOTTEN SYNDROME….Autism being discussed amongst Singer/Actress Shirley Murdock and Actress Trisha Mann-Grant.

Low-income children with Autism and their families are too often unable to afford the recreational/educational programs that will help them improve their functioning and give them a chance to have fun and live a more fuller life.  So, this is why we need your donations to help fuel their innovations, so that they don’t fall into the FORGOTTEN SYNDROME.  With paint, music, theater, instruments, and dance…young people with Autism-some of which struggle just to communicate verbally—are making a profound statement through THE ARTS AS EDUCATION. BAFOL takes Autism and turns it into an opportunity to honor the extraordinary accomplishments of young artists on the Autistic Spectrum, share their exceptional talent with the public through live performances and exhibits of their work, and inspire young people with autism around the world.  Every donation, both large and small, from corporations to individuals, is used to help make a difference in the life of an Autistic individual.

We do all of this, with your support for BAFOL…Autism enables ALL Autistic individuals on the spectrum to be ALL THAT THEY CAN BE!!!  We work very hard to ensure NO AUTISTIC INDIVIDUAL IS OR WILL BE INCLUDED IN THE FORGOTTEN SYNDROME.

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Have you ever purchased anything on Amazon? Amazon now donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to the charitable organization of your choice. BAFOL is now a registered organization on AmazonSmile! When checking out remember to select Booker Autism Foundation of Louisville, Corporation as your charitable organization!

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