About Us

About Us

Booker Autism Foundation of Louisville, Corporation (BAFOL) is now Booker Autism Foundation of Learning, Inc.  We are a premier nonprofit 501(c)3 charitable “Art as Education” Foundation that provides opportunities for lifetime support, training, and assistance to individuals living day-to-day with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).  Our commitment is to make music, art, dance, theater, film producing, and education a way of life.  Art transforms individuals and makes a powerful impact on people.  BAFOL wants to break down the barriers of language, culture, disabilities and promote the full potential and abilities that will prepare Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) individuals for LIFE.


BAFOL was founded in March 2012 by Jasmine and Christopher Booker, parents of three Autistic boys.  After Jasmine realized how difficult it was searching for diagnosis, treatment, detailed information about the disorder, and what would be the best alternative/natural treatments for her children, she set out to make a difference.  Jasmine decided to start her own foundation, because she says, “Parents should not have to feel confused or overwhelmed with the whole process that goes with Autism Spectrum Disorders.  I found out that many misdiagnosed and undiagnosed children in at risk communities end up in the criminal justice system each year.”  Hence, years later BAFOL was created.DSC_0250

Mission Statement

The mission of the Booker Autism Foundation of Learning, Inc. is to use the arts, education, and research to improve the culture and lifestyle of the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) individual. We want to create an environment that makes it easier for people universally to connect, collaborate, and provide answers.  All while raising public awareness about Autism Spectrum Disorders.



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